Whispers in the Wind

Most often, when I begin to dream for something, to hope and wish and pray for something, it sounds like nothing more than a whisper in the wind. Maybe it is because I don’t think it is possible for me to have anything more than just this.


Friend or Foe? How your thoughts can rob you.

We are closer to our individual selves than anyone besides God can and will ever be. Treat yourself with kindness. Fill your mind with truth and rebuke the lies. To yourself be a friend and not a foe. You have the power to build yourself up or tare yourself down.

Wake Up ― The Poem

Often times, all we do is focus on the darkness that envelopes us. We hide behind walls and remove our sight from the light that is always there. Light is always there, but we aren't and that's when darkness consumes us, blinds us from the truth that is right in front of us and shields us from the peace fighting to get through to our hearts. ...Wake up.

Wake Up.

The blinds in my room are always slightly open. I love waking up to little specks of soft light on my walls as they devour every inch of the room each and every morning. This light is what urges me to wake up most days. The gift of novelty that comes with the start of each new day excites me. What does God have to show me today? What does He have planned for us? There are some mornings, though, that worry, despair, and the longing for more urge me to stay in bed, close the blinds, and tell God "not today". Today was that kind of morning.