Remain in Him 

Sometimes we get lost in our own selves. We get lost in what we want right now and lose sight of not only the big picture, but we lose sight of God. We start ignoring Him when He doesn’t give us the answer we are looking for and we start pushing Him away. We start doing things our own way. We let go of God’s guiding hand and we start replacing God with other stuff, with other people, and sometimes with our own self. That has been me this summer; but I have realized that God has given me the power over myself to say enough is enough. We all need to realize that we have the power to say enough is enough to whatever it is we may be struggling with. God is always right there waiting for us to call out to Him. Apart from God we are nothing, but if we remain in Him we are everything. He is who makes us who we are. He is the one who plants the right dreams in our hearts. He is the one who directs our steps to what is next. He is the one that gives us the will, strength, and drive to do what needs to be done. He is the one that makes everything possible. So enough is enough. No more settling for this or that. No more doubting His plans. No more mediocracy. No more apathy. No more of doing things my way. No more of everything that is holding me back. No more of myself. No more of whatever is holding you back from God and from being who you are in Him. Cut out what needs to be removed from your heart and within yourself. Ask God to create in you a clean heart. Ask Him to fill it with Him & remain in Him. Remain in Him and watch the BIG picture come to life. #heartfullwhispers

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