Your Forever Valentine.

“We love Him, because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Dear Beloved,

Do you know that Jesus weeps for you? Once there was a man named Lazarus. Lazarus was Jesus’ friend. Lazarus died, and Jesus wept not because He died; but because He had to bring him back to life. Think about that for a minute. Jesus loved Lazarus, but He wanted Him to stay dead. Why? Because life truly starts at death. Because Lazarus was going Home, and Jesus knew that. Jesus knew what was waiting for Lazarus on the other side. Jesus loved Lazarus so much that He wanted him home, safe and sound, even if it meant letting Him go for a little bit.

Do you know how much Jesus loves you? Think about how much you love that one person you love the most. Multiply that by infinity, that’s how much Jesus loves you. He immensely loves you. He boldly loves you. His love for you is so bold that He died for you. It’s deeper than the ocean and earth itself and wider than the entire universe. He more than loves you, and He wants you to make it Home.

Jesus weeps for you. Jesus pleads for you. Jesus is desperate for you. Jesus desires you. Jesus longs for you. Yet, you reject Him, push Him away, and continually break His heart. Still, Jesus loves you and will continue to pursue you. Still, Jesus loves you and will never give up on you. Still, He loves you and will continue to love you because you are His everything. Still, He loves you and begs for you choose Him because He already chose you. Jesus loves you so much, child. Jesus loves you So much, lost sheep. Jesus loves you So much, lost soul. His heart breaks every time you reject Him. His heart hurts every time you break it. His heart weeps every time you push Him away because you are His one true love. He weeps for you because He wants you to make it home to Him. He knocks on the door of your heart begging you to open the door to Him so that He can fill it with His love. He just wants to love you. He doesn’t ask for anything in return because loving you is enough. Give Him your heart, and let Him love you.

His love will change you and you will never be the same. His Love will consume you, and it will be all you can think about. His love will overflow in your heart, and shine through your eyes. His love will inspire you to do big things because it’s a constant reminder that you can do big things. His love will pursue you persistently because you are worth it. His love will motivate you to wake up in the morning because now you have something to live for. His love will make you all giddy inside like a box of chocolates makes me. His love will constantly bring a smile to your face because it won’t only make you happy but it will keep you happy. His love will add a bounce to your step and make you want to dance like no one is watching. When in fact, everyone is watching, but who cares? His love will demand to be shared because it’s so powerful and you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. His love will fill the void inside you and complete you. His love will bring you to life because it is life. His love for you surpasses any boundaries and you will never fully grasp the depth and width of it. It’s Love that can’t be expressed or felt through words, but that must be experienced to be understood. It’s love that is more than xoxo. It’s love that is bold. It’s selfless. It’s furious. It’s passionate. It’s all of Him.

I don’t know where you stand in your relationship with Jesus or if you have a relationship with Jesus. All I know is that He loves you, that He boldly loves you, and wants to have a relationship with you. Oh, and He’s not going to stop pursuing you. So, Beloved, will you be His valentine? He wants to be your forever valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

P.S. He will always love you.

“As the Father has loved Him, so has He loved you. Now remain in His love.” John 15:9




Love Boldly

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