Last weekend we took a trip to California. On our way there we got a flat tire. No big deal, right? Just a small bump in the road that delayed us a bit. Plus I met the cutest dog at the car shop. Her name was Amber and her amber colored eyes matched her name. The rest of the day went smoothly. We met up with an old friend and went to Malibu and Santa Monica. Had a blast and by the end of the day, were exhausted.

To say that getting up the next morning was a struggle is an understatement, but we forcefully got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, you know how the drill goes. As we started the car to go to church, the car decided to not turn on… the battery died. This wouldn't have been a big deal if we weren't running late or if we were close to the church, but no we were running late and the church was like 30 minutes away, but we got it recharged. and everything was good again… or so we thought. It turned out that the battery was messed up and we had to find a car shop to get it fixed because we didn't want the car to end up dying in the middle of the free way. That probably would have ended up badly. Luckily, though, the car shop was in walking distance from the church and we made it right as it was supposed to start.

What's the point of this story you might ask? My mom had been wanting to visit this church, which is the church her cousin attends, for a while now and Satan tried everything in his power to keep us from making it to the service. He tried using our tiredness to keep us from waking up and then the bad battery, BUT when God has an appointment with you nothing can intervene. While the worship team played loudly a song that took me back to the beginning, to when God first found me, I heard Him whisper to me… "Don't you remember?" Here's what He meant:

Don't you remember?

 I have made you special

Peculiar compared to all

Don't you remember,

My voice in your heart

When you were just so small?

The gifts I have blessed you with

What are you going to do with them?

I have deposited in you something powerful 

Your heart should be so full


Let it shine

Let it all out

You are set apart

Chosen for a time like now

Now, the time is now

You're not meant to belong in this earth

You're not a puzzle piece that will fit in this world

For you only fit in my heart

You are a part of  my loving master piece

But you have been everywhere but with me 


Just seek me

Stay with me

And trust me 

Start doing what I have created you to do

Inhale my presence

Exhale the rest

Just breathe

I've got you                                                                                                                                     


Don't you remember,

The promise I made you?

To never leave you,

Never forsake you

The pact we have?

The plans I have for you ?


Hold on

Don't let go

It'll all come true

Oh, beloved child of mine

Don't you remember,

How much I love you?


Don't you remember?

Don't you remember?

Don't you remember?


And all I could say as His presence showered over me with His love, as He wrapped me in His arms was, "I remember, Father"


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3 thoughts on “Remember.

  1. Amen! He is our father, our creator, He is the Alpha and Omega. His word is life, he has giving us the spirit of righteousness and love, He created us with a purpose for his kingdom not only in this world but for eternity❤️ When God has a plan for our life, an appointment or blessing there is nothing that the devil can do to stop that from happening😊 Remember…….Without Him there is no life, He is the reason why we exist!!!He will never leave us or will never forsake us❤️


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