A Collision with Grace

About few weeks ago, my grandparents, cousins, and I got into a minor car accident. We were on our way to the beach to spend one last day together before I left to Arizona as I was visiting them in Florida. That morning, I woke up slightly before the sun was up and sat in the silence of the dark morning thanking God for the day that was to come. Little by little, the rays of sunlight made their way through the window revealing a blue sky with cotton clouds scattered here and there as it brightened up the room with its glow through the blinds. All I could think was what a beautiful day, and it was.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

We were cruising down the road with 80’s music close to blasting on the radio. I’m sitting on the passenger seat and my grandpa is driving with everyone else in the back. Everything was good. The sun was out, the air was hot, and it was a perfect beach day. All of a sudden, we see a car coming out of a neighborhood to get unto our lane (the right lane), but the distance between the car and our car was not enough for it to make it without us crashing into her. My grandpa switches over to the left lane to avoid an accident, but as we do this she follows along and does the same thing with the distance between us still the same if not closer. No signal, no warning, nothing.

Sometimes, God’s grace comes with no warning and in the least expected ways.”

There was no other lane next to us and it was too late to switch back to the right lane. You know in movies when everything is played in slow motion and each and every expression is captured, well, that’s what it felt like. I saw the collision coming. We all did, but there was no avoiding it. All we could do was brace ourselves as we crashed.

God’s good grace will protect you from the grabs of evil. (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

The crash was unavoidable and although it was freighting and I saw my life flash before my eyes and all that, it could have been way worse. At the moment, I saw the accident as just that, an accident; but with God everything has a purpose and meaning, something to take away. It wasn’t until I was sitting on the plane, thousands of feet in the air, on my way home that I saw and understood what God was trying to show me through this experience, His Grace.

Sometimes, God will allow you to crash and get hurt to save you from something that could possible destroy you. You’ll see it coming, you’ll see the obstacle in front of you and try to avoid it but you won’t be able to. You will crash and possibly get hurt, but the crash will just be a collision with His grace over your life saving you from something far worse.

Who knows what could’ve happened if we would have made it to the beach. Maybe a worse accident, maybe a shark attack. I don’t know. Only God knows. What I do know is that God always has our back. He is always looking out for us. The obstacles in front of you are just a way of God saying, “I’ve got you”. The crashes you have experienced or will experience are just a way of God saying, “I love you”. Sometimes hardships are not just hardships but His protection in our lives through His all-loving grace. Our God holds the world in His hands. He calms the seas with His mighty voice. He moves mountains with one word. He is in control, and He will never allow harm in your life without a greater purpose in mind. He loves you. You are the most important thing in His heart, and those walls He allows in your life are just glimpses of His hand gracing you with His love that desires only the best for you.

Side Testimony Story: The car my grandpa was driving was literally breaking down. The passenger door didn’t open. One of the doors didn’t have a handle. The carpet on the roof of the car was being held by push pins. Among other things. The car was also old, almost two decades old. We didn’t think the insurance company was going to give him anything for the car in the conditions that it was, but GOD IS GOOD AND HE TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN. The insurance ended up giving him more than double of what he originally paid for the car. With that said, God’s grace will not only protect and save you; it will take care of you.

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5 thoughts on “A Collision with Grace

  1. First of all, I love how clever your title is ❤️ Secondly, I am glad that you are all okay! What happened must have been so scary!!
    I love your point that sometimes the burdens in our life are simply God’s almighty and protecting hand. So true. Thank you for the wisdom in this post 🙂

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