I Love You

Darkness— a blanket of nothingness covered everything

I walked in the midst of it

Thought of you in every moment

Then I spoke,

“Let there be light.”

And again, it was you I thought of

For you hold my greatest light

Brighter than any super nova

It bursts through every part of you

Don’t hide

Just shine

Like the universe holds the moon and stars

I hold you

I hold it all

Don’t be afraid

In your heart, you hold me too

I dwell in you

Never are you alone

Within the chaos, I am the small, still voice whispering my light in your heart,

“I love you”

— I love you.


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Here’s a song that inspired a bit of the poem “Sun” By Sleeping At Last. Give it a listen and be inspired with me. The lyrics are so simple, but paint such a beautiful image of what it means to be created by God. This song is a work of art. Just like you. (:

Thank you for allowing me to share what He places on my heart with you. I pray that these words pierce your heart and bring a little light to your soul. You are so loved and because of this more than a conqueror. The One who conquered the world lives in you! How awe-inspiring and empowering is that?

Again, thank you for reading. Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this post and share with me what God has been speaking to you. I’d love to hear! Stay tuned, friends!

With Love,



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