everyday, it’s You

to You, I fall asleep

to You, I wake up

it’s with You that I take every step and all my breaths


— You are my entire being


You around me

You within me

my strength You are


— the essence and embodiment of all that I am


around me, I see

all the colors

bursting with Your goodness

bright red with yellow

merge into one

blues and purples

a canvas, create

Your glory like the sun

hovers over me

— everyday


like a clear veil,

your wind embraces my soul

draws me near

invites me to be still

and rest in your arms

— everyday


as you sway the grass

to a whimsical dance

they praise your name

a whisper in my ear

reminding me of your thoughts towards me

I love how you pursue my heart

— everyday


pink and greens

allure me in

with their intricate designs

and sweet perfume

their beauty

a revelation of You

of your glory and splendor

oh, to behold You

— everyday

what grace


it’s to You who I fall asleep

it’s to You who I wake up

it’s with You who I live

it’s all life with You

— everyday


as I look up

with my eyes opened wide

I come to find that You don’t hide

between the blades

pass the clouds

there You are

hovering over me


You wait for me to realize

who You are

— my faithful God


and when I close my eyes

I still see You

Your light softly dancing

on the walls of my room

I still hear You

birds chirping to Your morning glory

a sweet melody

calming my soul

I still feel You

Your presence all around me

a blanket of pure, complete peace

I dwell

in the shadow of Your wings



it’s You


it’s to You who I fall asleep

it’s to You who I wake up

It’s with You that I take every step and my every breath


You, my God, are the very reason I rise

You are my why

my purpose

my life



it’s You


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Thank you for allowing me to share what He places on my heart with you. I pray that these words pierce your heart and bring some light to your soul. Abba is with you always, He lives inside of you.

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With Love,



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